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Amazingly impressive. I’m so likely, too, to bite off more than I can chew (anyone know that wonderful piece of literary criticism about Henry James - I can’t remember who said it but it’s wonderful even if you love Henry James - “Henry James chews more than he bites off”…), but probably wouldn’t have stuck with it with such tenacity - fantastically well done! I’m much better at doing my own designs because then I know what I’m expecting of myself (more or less), and if it gets too difficult I just do something else; a cop out, I daresay, but it certainly makes for an easier life!! But you don’t ever, when you do your own designs, get quite the sense of having won a battle that you get when you finally crack how to manage someone else’s instructions. It doesn’t help when those instructions are terrible, does it. I think the writers of instructions are often not very good at putting themselves in the shoes of the person trying to do the following of those instructions. It’s a real skill, to have that sort of empathy and then to be good at the explaining.
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