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So god to hear from everyone. Sorry, Dublb, the little cat died. Fur babies are so heart warming, and so cute to distract us from life itself. My sewing room is almost ready to sew in again. The quilted twins have the best panels in their daily email lately. I had to order one again this morning, 'cause they offered a peacock panel at a low rate. I wanted the ones I found a couple of years ago , maybe it will get me going on more quilting. But have to locate the peacock feathers I seen back then. Guest room is all organized and almost have organized the sewing room. Progress is good. Helped outside yesterday and have another insect bite on my leg; they all love to bite me. Most effective weapon for me is soap....soap the bite and let it dry, forming a 'curst' . At least, its an inexpensive way of killing the itch.
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