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I am so sorry I was such a poor host for the sew along. The pain in my hand is still not gone and now I have it in my shoulder too...I've had cortisone, PT, and some calcium removed. Going to orthopedic surgeon for my shoulder next Tuesday.

I've gotten a little sewing done....mostly finishing projects I've had started for years that don't take a lot of cutting. Still can't do much pp'ing...too much pressure on my hand too often to do the trimming.

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I am two months behind on my Farmers Wife Medallion quilt, as I did Laundry Basket Quilts 2021 Mystery Quilt, and been quilting my Bonnie Hunter 2020 Mystery Quilt. I got a couple of blocks ready to do on the FW Medallion quilt, and hopefully will start my 2 blocks a week again. As I am the only one doing the quilt on that thread, I will just take my time.
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