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Am continuing to put Aunt Debbie Bleeds Blue together. Am very happy with my frog fabric for the next project... will have to take some pix.

I am 99 percent certain I did indeed send out that nice big piece of sand I had in one of the last boxes of fabric I sent out. It happens. I don't even regret it -- just hope it gets used in its new home. I looked at my remaining options and though I could (in a different pattern) have enough using the various bits of sand I have, it needed to be consistent for this project. So I looked at my usual first stop of eQuilter, and then found some I liked at Fields, a small family chain in Michigan (where my hubby is from) and where I kept finding specific fabrics, Including, of course, some of these for Aunt Debbie's. The rest did come from I was pleased with their service and prices were comparable to fabric stores.

So just after I ordered the 1.5 yards and only the 1.5 yards, I found a piece in my stash that will work even though it's not sand... oh well, the sand will come just as I finish this current top. What I ordered may or may not go well with the frogs, but it can join the other sand fabrics. The other fabrics for the top, including an "olfa green" solid and other accent fabric come out of stash. It will be fast and fun -- and bright! Eyes will be wanting something different but haven't thought that far ahead yet.
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