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Originally Posted by Iceblossom View Post
The most likely of my quilt ladies to have relatives out that way reported back that no names rang a bell. Again, close names made her think of people she hadn't thought of in years....

I am a big believer in 6 degrees of separation sort of things, and am often amazed at how fast you can connect things once you find that one connection.

There are groups that are only loosely affiliated, my Tuesday group has no name or charter and people at the table have come and gone... most but not all of the ladies belong to an actual "quilt guild", and then they meet with a "quilt group" in a different area as well. You may never find the story behind that particular quilt, other than quilters have come together. I find a joy in my historical connection to those I will never get to meet through our shared form of expression -- but it's always so nice to find out "the rest of the story"!

I don't usually label my quilts... I usually don't even sign them. I do document most of them... every now and then I think maybe it does matter and I should do better but ooo! there goes my attention to the next project.

I have a lead!!!! The co-owner of the quilt shop Sweet Creek Creations replied to my message and recognized 10 of the names from the blocks. She knew personally Mildred Ritter and Rena Dougherty. Still no idea what the quilt was made for, but the area of Meatline Falls, Washington does appear to be correct. As to the other names and the one block that says "Bells" I still do not know. But, with one person that knew 2 people who signed the quilt, that is a great start. As was mentioned in another post, the fact that some of the blocks have the same fabrics and they all coordinate so well, I believe this had to be a planned out piece. Either this was being made by a group from shared fabric or something like. I will continue to see where this research takes me. Thanks for asking around.
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