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umm...still playing with learning the functions of the built in embroidery program on the 590. Today I removed the eyes and smiley mouth from a flower embroidery, then found I completely forgot how I did it. grrr....repetition is necessary for me I think. I did however, learn more about how to convert the default isocord embroidery colors to RA rayon as that is what I have. wow....so much easier then when I had to find thread charts and look up the conversions. I have separated all my RA colors by groups of color....so it was very easy to find the specific green I was looking for as I also have the thread cards and another chart that tells me where to find the color on the thread cards. Once I see the color....I can look for it in the box of greens. Umm....I have always debated whether to arrange my embroidery threads by color or number. I think by color is now going to work best for me. My embroidery class from the dealer is again moved to September as problems were being had when using zoom. Really looks like I am going to have to learn the embroidery by self study. Wishing for an embroidery contact group at this point. I did find a workbook on embroidery on the Bernina website that I will be working through which will help
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