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So -- we still haven't opened up the closet, but great things have happened in the one corner at least.

Picture 1 -- the start of the day. This isn't even the worst of it, looked like a bomb went off. Parts still do... carefully edited shot placement!

Picture 2 -- the end of the day. The curtains and the bookcase are gone. I'll have to adjust the chain locks for the correct depth placement of my Bernie, but look how nicely he snuggles down. I have a precut acrylic insert, it is very slightly narrower and just about 1/3 inch too long, but I will see about getting it trimmed down to fit.

The crank to the far right adjusts the entire table height -- super awesome because as I describe myself I have a long torso and short little alligator arms... I've seen the power tables, woohoo but not in my budget range, not this decade!

I'm hoping that the combination of being able to drop my machine down to table height and the extra space/support will really help me to be able to quilt down my projects better. That's the hope anyway.

PS: I knew my sewing room was the smallest room and I was guessing it was something like 8x10, close -- 8.5 x 9.5. The new table is 60x40, fits in nicely there with the little wall by the closet. On the other side of that is the coat closet in the living room. For the size of the bedroom, the closet (where the fabric will go) is large, funny how the other bedroom is slightly larger but with a smaller closet.
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