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Thanks, everybody for the feedback! I appreciate your expertise and knowledge!

I've used different needles, and now have the Microtex. Thanks for the tip on Organ needles. I tend to buy Schmetz, but will try Organ. What type and size of Organ needles?

I'm using Glide thread, and I do use a net on all threads because the thread is on a stand. I'm not sure there is a way to put a cap on the thread spool when it is on a stand, but will try it. I'm using no-show mesh in the hoop and SF101. I don't think the needle is getting sticky or gummy.

The thread only breaks when it is going through many layers of thread. It's a fun project, but the needle and thread breaking is frustrating. I looked on the Kimberbell website for tips or a "community," but didn't see anything. It would be nice if they had something like that!
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