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Default How to get the flattest quilt with no crinkling?

Hello everyone
I'm making very big picture quilts using Essex Linen and I need them to be as crinkle free as possible for photographing. Those of you that like a smooth, flat look, could you help by sharing your method? These are the questions that I'm trying to answer but there are so many variables!

Do you prewash your fabric?
Do you starch or size or nothing before cutting out?
Do you prewash your batting? (I use Heirloom wool and it says not to prewash - although it acknowledges s a 3-5% shrink rate and I think that would likely be enough to create a crinkle. I washed a small piece as an experiment and it went out of true, which makes me think that there would be at least some pulling across the width of a queen size quilt )
Does starching or sizing make any difference at the quilting stage?
Do you use cotton thread for piecing and if so do you think it shrinks and creates wrinkling?
Which kind of thread do you using for quilting, and does it seem to shrink?
Do you wash after the quilt is finished?
If you don't post-wash, how do you get rid of markings? How do you keep the quilt perfectly clean during making?!
Do you starch or size or nothing when doing a final press?
Any other tips to avoid crinkling?!

Thanks so much - I've been doing this a while but have finally decided I need to resolve this problem!
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