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Originally Posted by petthefabric View Post
Wool batting gives the highest loft and quilting definition. For a flatter look, use a thin (1/8 inch) cotton batt and no washing before photos.
Ah thanks Petthefabric! I like the loft of the wool as it gives a plumper, smoother, unwrinkled look if you see what i mean. I do need to show the quilting too as it is very much part of the art (perspective lines etc). I guess I should have said smooth rather than flat, sorry folks!

I think there are two approaches, both with downsides:
No washing at all, being VERY careful not to have any dust or dirt anywhere near the quilt at any point, impeccably clean hands/gloves etc. Then starch and press.
My problem with this is: 1. what if it gets dirty and I have to post wash without having prewashed- these are huge art quilts and clients expect perfection. 2.I mark a LOT so would need a marker that can easily be erased, but not by heat (pressing the top after piecing) or water (bcs won't be post-washing. Not sure that exists anywhere!)

prewash everything including batting, sew using the least 'shrinky' thread, followed by postwash, careful drying, and starch/press. This is safer in terms of dirt, but so.. much.. slower.
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