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I got a new washer/dryer about 4 years ago. It is a top loader with an agitator, HE, but, I can lift the lid while it is filling and washing, but not spinning, and does have the feature to add more water. I have been satisfied with it. It has a few presoak settings so I soak my quilts to make sure the Elmers Washable School glue I use to baste is all out. My cousin and my friend each got the Speed Queen. very happy with it, but, cousin had to have a new drain put in because the machine was so powerful what they had was not adequate. Friend's husband figured out a workaround for the drain issue. Has to do with a towel wedged in, watching it in case it falls out and water goes everywhere. This isn't a deterrent to them, just something to watch out for. We are low dirt producers, being retired, don't garden, work on equipment, do our own lawn work, etc. Just putter around the house, go for a walk, etc. so the machine seems perfectly fine to get things clean. I also discovered soap sheets - they are small rectangles that go into the washer instead of a liquid, pod, or powder, and really for me do a good job. They are only available on amazon (many different types/varieties/manufacturers) or from the company itself. I am not against using Amazon, so order from there. Takes up so much less room and easier to deal with.
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