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Rargle Snargle! Things were going so well, I decided to start with Grassy Creek instead of Frolic, got 90% done -- and Bernie decided to break again. Thread sensor issues again, but this time a little wire/part fell out of the innards. Will be heading out to the shop in a bit.

I don't have a home for this top yet, so I wanted to just make sure it was well secured, and as I mentioned before that the design was so strong I wasn't sure how to enhance it, I just didn't want to detract. I'm doing a wide serpentine grid along the block and sashing divisions, so they will be about 3" finished. I debated for a bit for threads, white, light grey or medium -- went with medium gray on the top and medium-dark on the back.

It doesn't show well, but you might be able to see the grid on this shot of the back. With the big serpentine I'm using (I first put it down the center of the inner border), it makes almost the puzzle piece shape.

I'm super happy with how nice and smooth the back was. And, even after a day of quilting and I know I need a few more tweaks to my table height, but I am in much better shape than I would have been before with my old set-up.
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