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There are many different ways to "get rid of" scrap pieces... you can actually trash them which is hard on many of us. You can use them. You can give or sell them.

I am primarily a scrap quilter, yet I decided a few years ago that I just didn't want to spend my fabric time dealing with little bits. Whatever I wanted this time was not the sizes I had, however I had it organized it wasn't the way it worked for that project. For me, I decided that I simply did not want to store anything smaller than 6.5" x something larger than a square. My theory is I can always cut down but I can't cut up.

So I gave all the small bits away. Some I sent in flat rate postal boxes at my expense -- it's actually good for me to know there is a cost associated with getting rid of the surplus fabric. As a piece of yardage gets smaller than a FQ, I cut a 6.5" strip and put that in my one box of small, throw the rest in a box that goes to a lady that does crumb quilting and when that gets full, it gets mailed. I'm happier with that than throwing it away.

I'm currently helping a friend organize her stash. Tuesdays are our general quilt lady day, Wednesdays have turned into organization days. Tomorrow we are actually going to have to have a talk about why exactly does she save small bits because she has so many yet never actually uses any of them. I'm going to talk about her planned projects and goals and advise her to just get rid of them too. For her, she might want to go through and pull out the vintage bits and pieces but considering the closet sized pile of boxes and bags and other things, in all the years I've known my friend -- she's never actually made things from the leftovers.

You might want to visit us in the Fabric Moratorium thread -- we try to not buy and we try to use what we have.
PS: You don't need to read through the whole thing (or even join the moratorium), just browse and look at pictures.

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