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Hey hey -- you might want to visit Bonnie Hunter's site on scraps and the ways she uses/organizes them. Warning, you could get lost for days!

Each year starting on Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving), Bonnie hosts a Mystery Project -- it's a lot of sewing if you try to keep up with the clues. Can be a good scrap/stash buster but mystery quilts are not for everyone... We've had threads here and they are fun to lurk even if you don't participate. Last year was rough on me... I crashed pretty badly towards the end and had to take some time off of most things. So I'm just now quilting down last year's project -- and I still have the year before to do as well! But here's the thread from last year:

I'm hoping to use a box of solid fabrics I have this year which is not a standard choice. They just otherwise aren't getting used. Sometimes Bonnie will have something that is clearly a background of some sort or usable for a single piece of fabric, I'd probably use a tiny print to help pick up the solids. LOL, solids will need to be picked up because they are mostly 14 different pieces of very close dark blue, or things like that.
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