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I just got home yesterday from the hospital with COVID. I was there for 2+ weeks and am as weak as a new born kitten. I am sitting at my computer right now as I must sit up even when I don't feel like it for at least an hour at a time. I am getting by with a walker to and from the bed and bathroom, and now here. The Home Health Nurse was here yesterday and PT and OT will begin today to help me get my strength back. A friend went grocery shopping for us yesterday and we are all set for at least a month now. I will be using a lot of canned food until I can cook again. Fortunately I am vaccinated so it could have been much worse. I don't want to go through this again.
When I came in here and saw all my blocks sitting here I wanted to pick them up and play with them but quickly realized I didn't have the strength. I am hoping to be back on my feet independently soon.
This has been a crazy 2 months. Losing my sister and BIL then losing my mother the end of Aug and spending the majority of Sept in the hospital with COVID. I am still testing positive for COVID right now. The docs said I could test positive for 3 months but should be disease free in another 2 weeks.
I missed everyone.
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