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Dear Juliab, I am so sorry! Thank goodness you have gotten out of the hospital and can find comfort surrounded by your own things. It sounds like you have everything set up to be easy on yourself and that is wonderful! I wish I was there to bring you some chicken soup. The fatigue from the virus is the worst once your breathing improves (which it sounds like you are okay with breathing -- yay!!).

Typical of a virgo, I am obligated to give you my advice. I am NOT a doctor. I don't know what medications you might be taking. If you are taking nothing, these vitamins and supplements might help. Check with your doctor or pharmacist before you take any of these if you are on medication.

For the unmedicated you, keep on (or start) taking vitamin D3, zinc (on a full stomach), lysine (another antiviral supplement), and B12 (to help energy increase). Turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory that may help keep your viral load down and speed healing. I drink a green tea with turmeric that I pick up from the grocery store. Green tea is great to keep your stomach healthy and keep bad bacteria loads down in there while you are in a weakened state!

Stay away from sugars as much as possible (especially high fructose corn syrup and fake sugar) as they use up tons of energy to digest and process and your energy is needed to get your body up and functioning. Probiotics are great to let your intestines make more nutrients bioavailable to you, too.

And with prayers and patiences, before you know it, you'll be up and patting your new blocks! I am praying for a rapid recovery for you! You certainly have had a rough few months.

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