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The COVID pneumonia is clearing up slowly. It still hurts to breath on my right side. I just have to go slowly. I am using a walker right now to get around with and that is also a slow process. As much as I want to stay in bed it is necessary for me to be sitting up. So that I do for as long as I can. Yes, it has been a rough couple months but we are all getting through this together. My sisters have been taking care of the two different estates and things are winding up on both of those things. My being sick has just added another concern for everyone. It is great to be home. I am taking a few added vitamins and minerals right now to help get my strength built back up. I started my PT yesterday and OT today. I can't wait until I have the strength to stand at my cutting table and get back to some quilting. I have a block that is partially sewn together that has been there now close to 2 months. Thanks for all the kind thoughts.
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