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Welcome aboard, I'm in the Seattle area so about as far a diagonal line as we can draw across the contiguous states.

Posting pictures can be hard for many of us here, we do have a help section here:

For most of us it is that our file size is too large. Although we have a maximum amount of 5 mb per post, each picture needs to be quite a bit smaller. I use this site to reduce my images (I have an old school digital camera). For me, I just drag my picture there, use their defaults to download, and then upload over here.
I have no affiliation with the site but they are quick, easy, and do not set of my various virus protections and such.

Once you've gotten this far and attached the images, then you have to resize the window that contains the attachments to the far upper right so you can actually click on the upload button. I still miss doing that about half the time. Add to all that and a very short time limit to edit and it often takes several attempts...

But good luck and keep at it -- we love pictures of all projects great and small
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