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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
What a good idea Macy! If any of you are interested in this Holiday/Winter Side Swap, send me a message (PM) and I will match partners randomly. Let me know by October 30 and be ready to drop in the mail by November 15. I will post partners on November 2. Plenty of time to make something holiday or "winter-ish" before the snow flies"!!

Just for clarity the Holiday/Winter Side Swap would be as Macybaby suggested, 50 candies, with no more than 2 of each fabric (25 different fabrics minimum). If you wish to swap with more than one partner, I need to know and will match y'all up accordingly. Dig out the Christmas Candies!

The final birthday of our group is in January! And I have a contest for October/November all ready to go. Watch for it on October 20.

I am interested in the Christmas / Winter Swap. I have plenty of Christmas so I can swap with at least 4 partners. WMUTeach I can do more partners if you need me to. i just need to know. (my sets will be mostly all alike)
Sounds like fun!
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