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Thanks for the nice comments about the string quilt. I donít like the tediousness of the 3 1/2 inch unfinished 9 patches but theyíre coming along.

Terriamn, your quilt room is just about my ideal! Iím frustrated by the size of mine despite constant self-reminders to be grateful to have what I have. I need to keep working on organizing and my attitude. FYI, my design wall is pink wall insulation foam boards, very inexpensive, covered with a piece of queen size batting. I have two side by side and I just adhere the batting with a few pins in the edge and lean it ever so slightly against the wall. It goes up in ten minutes and down in less. The only thing Iíll do in the future is change out the batting for a piece of flannel so I can pop it in the wash to help get rid of the inevitable threads.

Just back from half a day with the grand while her folks worked. What a little person she is becoming! Such fun!

juliasb, am glad for the more positive news about your recovery.

Happy November!
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