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Originally Posted by cashs_mom View Post
I think a lot would depend on how much experience these people have and how exacting they want the finished project. If they are non-sewers/non-quilters, it could take months to get them up to par to make a quilt that would be sufficient to sell/auction/whatever. If the people you are going to be teaching know nothing about sewing machines, you'll need to tack on time you will spend fixing the messes they make and possibly to do a lot of the work yourself as they will not be able to and/or won't want to do it once they realize what is involved.. IMO, you're a brave soul to consider taking this on.
I agree with the above post.

It might be worth your time to find out "exactly" what they are expecting/hoping for/wanting.

What kind of art? How would it be incorporated into a quilt? What size(s) quilt(s) do they have in mind? What do they want to do with the finished project? What equipment/materials does the center/participants have? How much time and effort and money do the participants want to put into this project? How much time, effort, and money do they expect you to put into this project?

I have learned that some people that know little or nothing about some skill/craft tend to think that "oh, anyone can do that" and think they can become competent in 15 minutes or so. (Okay, some can - but most need a bit more time and training than that.)

What skills do the potential participants already have that might be transferable?

I am not saying that you should - or should not - tackle this project. I am just suggesting that it might be a good idea to learn more before committing to doing this.

Have you taught classes before? I have not - but I do know what kind of student I am. I expect the presenter to know what he/she is talking about, be organized, be on time, be able to stay on-track, keep the disrupters from spoiling the experience, and be willing and able to answer related questions, have the class scheduled for long enough to cover everything that should be, and not dismiss the class early. I am annoyed when I have paid for 3 hours of instruction and only got 2 (Unless everyone finished early!)

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