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I know this thread is over a year old, but so glad I stumbled upon it! I have a recently acquired Singer 66, from 1916, with a non-functioning bobbin winder. The whole mechanism seems a bit loosey goosey as it is attached. I was hoping that I could get by with replacing the bobbin tire and cleaning what I could reach with it attached. Alas, that is not the case. There are 2 hook arms behind and down the main mechanism (I am not home to be able to snap a picture and I don't know what they are called, but the 2 arms come together). I'm thinking there is something wrong with a spring around those 2 parts (I believe there is a spring there). Also, the bobbin mechanism, when pushed down to engage, just pops back up. Which makes me thing spring somewhere. I might be way off, as I am typically not the least bit mechanical!

I had stumbled upon Errant Pear's blog yesterday, and was very amused at her disclaimer (and more than nervous at the thought of disassembling my bobbin winder lest I mess it up and it doesn't work when I reassemble. You know, I end up with extra parts at the end). Now I guess I don't have to worry about messing it up as it doesn't work as it anyway! I've watched a couple of YouTube videos as well. Not being mechanical I can get lost in the process. I will be taking A LOT of pictures, from every angle. Maybe I will drag my husband in to see it before I begin. He is mechanical (but no interest in sewing machines). He'd rather be golfing.
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