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Originally Posted by OurWorkbench View Post
Dawn I'm wondering if one of the springs broke or maybe it was just put together wrong.

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So the bobbin assembly was not put together right. One of those 2 arms in the back needed to be placed above a little ledge (not sure how to describe it), and one of the arms (finger? ) goes below. The arm on the bottom is what rests against the bobbin while it's winding. The arm on top is what pops on and off when moving the bobbin assembly up and down (engaging or disengaging it). When reassembling this particular part, I moved the finger of the spring to the 3rd hole on the right before screwing the dual arms back on. I'm not adept at adding photos online, I know that would be better. It was fiddly to get the screw in because you had to hold 2 different parts of the assembly in place while screwing it back together.

I am able to wind a bobbin using the handwheel. I was not able to wind using the treadle, still trying to understand how to stop/start and avoid getting stuck in dead spots. The fact that I can wind the bobbin by hand though tells me it should work with the treadle once I figure it out. The moving parts are a little stiff. I cleaned what I could. I'll keep adding oil and moving parts back and forth to hopefully loosen it up a little more. Several screws were riveted in, so I couldn't get it all apart to clean better. This is progress though!!
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