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Also, absolutely no luck with loosening the knob on the hand wheel so as to wind the bobbin, and then being able to use the pedal. Doesn't matter if I try to turn the hand wheel, try to start by moving the fly wheel to see where I am at - nothing at that point will engage the belt.
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Yes, when the hand wheel is turned, the pedal should move. Did you stretch the belt before installing?

I kind of wondered about the stop motion clutch knob had something to do with bobbin winding. Are you opposed to using kerosene? It sounds like the stop motion clutch knob needs to be removed, cleaned and oiled. Here is a link that may help - along with https://oldsingersewingmachineblog.c...nger-part-two/ I would probably remove the belt guard to clean and oil the parts inside.

Check your PM.

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I stated that incorrectly (about loosening the knob to wind a bobbin). I can loosen the knob on the hand wheel so as to wind a bobbin, but I cannot get a bobbin wound using the pedal once I have this done. There is nothing I have been able to do to get the belt moving so as to use the pedal once I get to that point. I have had the hand wheel off, and did clean those parts. I am going to disassemble again though, so I can further work on the bobbin assembly. I will look at the posts you sent. I am also having trouble getting that screw back out of the knob to get the hand wheel off. I have had that screw undone multiple times. This is the 2nd time I cannot get it unscrewed again. My husband got it off for me the the last time. Sigh. I'm watching yet another video on how to remove a stubborn screw though, so hopefully this technique works. Though this video has to do with something called binding screws on a potted motor.

I am not opposed to using kerosene if that is what is needed for whatever I am doing. Also, I did not stretch the belt before using. Is the belt slipping? What would that feel or look like? Or is it too tight? I can certainly pull it out and stretch it if need be. I did oil again in the hole on top of the machine near the hand wheel, and any moving parts I could see (as well as under the machine) then turned the hand wheel by hand to distribute the oil. Which was helpful in that it feels a little looser in moving. I also oiled the joints in the treadle base again. I think my issue has something to do with the belt, I just didn't know if it was "slipping" or it was too tight.
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