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Default Here Comes Thanksgiving...

Every year, my Dau and I go through the same process:

"Wanna have Thanksgiving together?"

"Yeah, but I've go to work the day before and the day after. Let's keep it simple this year. Let's go out to eat, or do take out."

"You will never get a reservation this late. Take out....Blech!"

"OK, so let's trim down the menu. It's getting hard to do it all myself. I'm gonna need help"

"OK....let's make it easy."

"So, what do we get rid of this year? The green bean casserole?"

"Oh no, can't do that. My DH loves it. What about the cranberries?"

"Noooo...those are easy and they're my favorite thing."

"Do we really need gravy?"


"What about the Turkey. We could have something else instead, like crab."

"MOM! Don't even think of it!"

Blah, blah, blah...In the end we always make everything as usual. I'm always exhausted afterwards and she never stays to clean up, but my DH comes to my rescue and does the dishes. We all end up drinking too much wine, beer and cider. All in all, it's a wonderful day!

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