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family is pretty small now....and as most of what remains is oldsters with ;health problems, we will do Thanksgiving take out most sister will cook the turkey and most of the extras...then my nephew and kids will come by for a very short visit with masks on faces....then they will take the the "take out home". And I will probably do the same. I live I will bundle up and head out for the "take out". Not like it used to be with 17-18 mostly younger folks around. We used to have it my grandma's and grandpa would haul in the saw horses and plywood from the garage to set up the table in living room. We usually had about 6-7 cooks in the kitchen carefully assigned a spot so we would not collide. Grandpa usually manned the big cast iron frying pan with the already roasted and sliced sweet potatoes carnalizing in the butter...they required careful attention to be just done right. Crispy on the outside and oh so sweet on the inside. They were my favorite dish. We would have a 24-25 pound turkey. I think one year we had a 31 pounder (do they get that big?) A huge pot of regular potatoes would be made. Gravy made from scratch in the turkey roaster while the turkey sat for curving. We would have 6-7 pies of all sorts on hand. oh, yes...don't forget the relish trays, with celery curls, radish roses, crinkle cut carrots, green onions. And the cheese plate, at least 3-4 different veggies, the stuffing, two types of cranberries, and a cranberry salad. Home made dinner rolls. oh...and all sorts of homemade pickles, watermelon, crabapple, dill, bread and butter. Usually pickled herring and pig's feet were served too....I have probably forgotten some things. OH, and no dishwasher....yep but thankfully, most folks pitched in with the clean-up and then there were the board games after...lots and lots of them.
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