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So, since I was unable to talk my DD out of paring down the menu, I started today with the prep.

-Veggies for stuffing? Chopped and frozen. Will prep stuffing the day before Thanksgiving.
-Cranberries? Done and in the freezer
-Pumpkin purree? Cooked, pureed and in the freezer. Will use for pies, or Pumpkin bread.
-Mashed potatoes? Potatoes bought, butter bought, buy cream tomorrow. Will make ahead and freeze.
-Sweet potatoes? Buy tomorrow, cook and freeze.
-Appetizers? Made some decisions on what to have...small portions of French Chicken Liver Pate, Corn/Chile Fundito, baguettes, good cheese, olives, veggies.
- Rolls? Will make dough this afternoon and freeze.
-Salad in a bag. Will buy a couple days before Thanksgiving. Buy prepared dressing.
-Turkey and gravy. Make day of Thanksgiving.
- Dau is making the pies. I don't know what to expect. She's been binge-watching the Great British Baking Show.
-Get down Gramma's dishes and silver this week.
-Clean the house extra until Thanksgiving day.

That's my plan!
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