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Originally Posted by Anniedeb View Post
We still are an all in family for Thanksgiving. We had our Thanksgiving discussion Friday night, and plans are underway. Since my son and DIL remodeled their kitchen and patio, they now host. They live 3 miles from us, so things come out of my oven, and go into the car. Traditional turkey is a definite, along with all the trimmings. We are also going to deep fry a pheasant, and smoke a turkey breast. There will be 10+ people for sure. My son and DIL have a revolving door policy, where everyone is welcome. They have housed, fed and clothed two teen-aged boys that literally have no responsible family for 4+ years. The boys even call me grandma! I love all the prep, and truly enjoy all the hustle and bustle of the day.
Deep fried Pheasant and smoked turkey,that caught my attention. That's wonderful that they do all of that and have a whole family philosophy.
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