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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
Well, the winner of the Thanksgiving contest is................Loveofquilts! (Listen to the bells, whistles, and see the confetti and streamers falling all over Loveofquilts).Yeah!

The Thanksgiving surprise should arrive in time for the big day. If you want to read her posting look for post 1040 on page 104. Funny and one we all dread or may have experienced too. OOPS.

Thank you every one who participated it was fun to read your stories. Here is a little Thanksgiving treat I saw on FB. It looks good enough to gobble, gobble, gobble, Turkey Snacks.

Woohoo! Thank you so much, that's really awesome! It was definitely the most embarrassing Thanksgiving ever!

That turkey snack looks so great! That's a great idea. I bet my son would love it. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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