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Originally Posted by JoeJr View Post
Unless the 206 allows you to drop the feed dogs such that they don't come up at all, you will need a plate that attaches to the machine base via a thumb screw to cover the feed dogs.

Most vintage button hole attachments include such a plate, otherwise you can buy a generic one. I bought a generic plate from Central Michigan Supply, I believe they called it a darning plate, but i think it would serve the same purpose.
I do have the plate that attaches with a screw to the machine. For some reason, the feed dogs still move the plate around and then the needle misses the little hole and hits the plate. It is possible my darning plate could be used instead of the plate that came with the buttonholer. The feed dogs would still move but it wouldn't move the plate since the darning plate has a round raised area. I'll have to take a look at it. The buttonholer might not fit over it though.
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