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Oh dear, yes of course, we must all come back next year. I would love to see the Swap group. Although I seem to be more of a collector than a user of the charms. Ahem, yeah. And I’ve taken to buying them probably not good. As it’s left me with a lot of colors that I don’t use often. I love purple and have very little of it which surprises me. But then when I go to buy purple fabric I don’t find a lot of it either.

anyway yes for the swap and yes to move the date back.

I missed the winter swap because I’ve been dealing with health stuff still. If you guys are ever in need of a swap partner please holler I love to swap. it would be fun to swap blocks too, maybe as a centralized? We make 12 blocks send them all in to one person and they sort them and ship them back. I would think it would save on postage, which just keeps going up. Rambling and need to be sewin.
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