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It looks like you have a 201-3 rather than 201-2. There is an adjuster's manual available from One should pay attention as to which machine is applicable per page. Most of the first 44 pages apply to the different machines' light, motor and controller. The rest of the machine adjustments begin on page 44 (of the pdf).

bkay uses lamp oil as it is evidently kerosene with a different name. I agree about applying kerosene to all the oiling points and jiggling some more. I had read something about kerosene in the above manual, but can't find the page, now. All the oiling points are shown at the end of the manual. I would try that before starting to take things apart, other then the easy pieces like the needle, the needle plate, the presser foot and maybe a few other easy to replace items. Frequently, there could be a thread jamming the bobbin case.

I've had success with hard to remove screws by using Tri-flow oil and letting it set overnight.

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