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My first recommendation is this: do not force the handwheel. Move it very gently. These machines are not entirely made out of metal as some people believe. There is a “Textolite” gear under the handwheel that’s made out of a combination of Bakelite plastic and I believe cotton fabric. This gear is spring loaded to prevent damage to the motor if the machine jams. Remove the handwheel and take a look at the Textolite gear. It may be jammed or the spring may be jammed. If the gear is broken the machine won’t move. The liklihood that the gear is damaged is remote, but you don't want to be the person who does damage it by forcing the wheel. I do not know whether that gear can be safely cleaned with kerosene. Look at page 27 of the Adjusters Manual.

Singer recommended running kerosene through these machines as others have recommended. Given that the grease was not entirely solid, I’m apt to think there’s a mechanical issue. I suspect it’s a simple thing.

Check the bobbin area for jammed up thread. clean it carefully with kerosene and oil the race. This is a delicate mechanism that can get jammed up and freeze a machine.

Check both ends of the feed dog connecting rod. Page 58 of the Adjusters Manual. If there's any rust or corrosion at either end that could freeze the machine. Some rust remover and kerosene and even 3-in-1 oil to clean rust inside the connectors would work. If you use anything other than kerosene, make sure to flush the area with kerosene to get rid of whatever you use..

Check whether the stitch length lever moves. Take a look at whether the sliding block connected to the lever is jammed. If so, it can be unscrewed from the side and cleaned.

Check whether you have thread jammed up, wound up between the shaft and the handwheel.

Remember that the most important tool in the tool chest is patience. Use lots of it.

I'm sure you'll succeed in getting this machine working fine. Good luck.

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