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I always was the host for our family dinners at thanksgiving and christmas. But, Covid has pared it down to just hubby and I for the last two years. Now that doesn't mean I don't do all of the whole meal, because hubby loves it so much. I have pared down the baking to just a pumpkin pie. It is the one and only pumpkin pie hubby has ever eaten that doesn't upset his tummy. I use the fresh pumpkin I steam after halloween and my aunt Ilene's recipe. Of course, a turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, Italian green beans with almonds, rolls and mom's purple stuff. It is a dish made with marshmallows, cream cheese, grape jello and pineapple, dream whip and then you fold it all together. So yummy that no-one in my family would stand for a big meal without that!

Today was the cranberry sauce and the purple stuff all made and in the refrigerator. Tomorrow will be set the table and bake the yams, make stuffing and snap the beans. Sometimes I do peel the potatoes and leave them in water in the frig.
Hubby bought a Traeger BBQ this week and wants to cook the turkey this year, so that is okay with me.
I am so grateful to him for buying me the new bernina sewing machine a couple weeks ago for christmas, I am happy to make him this meal.
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