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Originally Posted by juliasb View Post
I use my bobbins to the end and then put in a fresh one. I clip the threads as close as possible. I pick up the last 3 stitches so it is not noticeable from where it ran out. Then just continue. I try to have at least on bobbin threaded and ready to go.
I do this as well. When I'm starting a new quilt, I usually wind up 50 bobbins. They last me through a quilt, unless I'm making a queen or king size. Then I will wind more. I use the same color through out the entire quilt, from seams to quilting the sandwich together.

I use just three basic colors of thread. The colors I use are: Antique ecru, a deep midnight blue, and black.

I mostly use the Antique ecru as most of my quilts are bright/light colors. If the quilt is more medium dark with a lot of blues and darker hues in it, I will use the blue. I use the black when the quilt has a lot of black, grays, and browns.

Saves having to have umpteen colors of threads in stock, or trying to match color to color. I think it gives my quilts a more of an antique look. It surprises me that these colors seem to take on the hue of the fabric. I kid you not.

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