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Thanks y’all.

Teen- While I wouldn’t suggest anyone else do what I did in order to get the guest bed out of your quilting space, it did work . Way to go on being caught up on Christmas creating.

WMUteach- all organizing counts and you’ve got a bonus twofer going. Well done!

I made an executive decision and ordered a prelit, but undecorated, 4 foot tall pop up tree that will go in our dining room. If DH’s shoulders don’t allow us to pull down the attic stairs and I don’t have what it takes to then scramble up the rickety ladder and drag our very old 7.5 foot tree down, we will still have a tree to decorate. Bonus- because it’s a pop up, it doesn’t take up much space.

My next task is to work on getting rid of some more books so I can free up shelf space in my office area. Why is it so hard to get rid of books that I know I’ll never read again???

Happy Thanksgiving to folks who celebrate.

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