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I cleaned off the deck, so that we can sit outside for the appetizers. I managed to find some flowers in my overgrown flower garden. The Hydrangeas are now a dusky purple with a green tinge...really pretty! I had a couple of small, flat pumpkins that managed to make through to fall, so I carved out a hole in each and stuffed the Hydrangeas and some late roses, a few snapdragons and some burgundy grape leaves in them and added a little water. They aren't very professional looking, but they are very festive and look fun and sooo "country."

I started the turkey broth, but dang...I couldn't find the turkey neck inside of my turkey. I put the giblets in some water to boil. Better that than nothing. I have lots of roasted vegetable broth too, so I think that I'm good.

RedGarnet222, your purple stuff sounds fun and interesting. My sister had 4 boys and she always made a cranberry fluff thing that is similar. They absolutely loved it.

I have to say that this has been really fun following everyone's preparations for Thanksgiving. Thank you all for sharing. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday!

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