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It is a bummer not being able to test it out. I see there is one place on the internet to buy a new one for around $7000. It has a 16 inch neck which is quite a bit smaller than what you have been using. Is there a handiquilter dealer near you if you have problems with it or will you have to ship it somewhere for repair. will you be getting any robotoics with it like quilt path? Based on the amount of quilts you would be doing, Ummm, I would think about continuing to rent out time until I decided if I really wanted to invest in a larger long arm and really enjoyed the long arm process. However, it could be a good machine to get if you really want one at home, it is a lot easier to load a quilt and then get it done as you wish although I usually get even large quilts done in a few days often taking one day to load it, and then doing the quilting on 1-2 days. I normally just do an over-all design free hand. I have an APQS Lucey on a 12 foot frame so I can do fairly large quilts, Mine has a 26 inch neck which is the same size as an APQS millineum or Freedom just not as many bells and whistles although it does have one manual channel lock. No robotics on mine. I paid about $11,000 for it several years ago as a demo machine and that includes the upgrade to bliss rails. Previous to that I had a 9 inch neck machine on a 10 foot frame. Ha, I learned I wanted to do more quilting, but that set up was a tad challenging to say the least. I have done just about 60 quilts on it for myself and figured, it was worth it!
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