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Here is my version of "How up upload photographs to the Quilt Board. It works for me from my laptop.

Take your photograph and save it to your computer so you can find it when you want it! I resize mine to "medium"."1. Write message in any QB thread.
2. Click "Go Advanced"
3. In the box labeled Additional Options" click "Manage Attachments"
4. Click "Browse" and locate your photo wherever you saved your photograph on your computer.
5. Find the photo you wish to post click save and then upload.
This seems to be where folks stumble. The little box with the "Browse" button needs to be expanded so you can see the "Upload" button. Pull the side of this box to the far right and until you expand the box. Then you will see the hidden "Upload" button.
6. Preview Post and make changes if you wish or add an additional photo.
7. Click "Submit Reply".

**** I save my photos in a quilt photos file by year. Most have been resized to "medium". This format will allow you to post to the QB.
It seems there are multiple ways to do this upload process and it all depends on your computer and software preferences.

Hope this helps. It took me way too long to figure this out when the QB made changes but now it seems to work well for me. Hope it will work for you too.
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