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Strange you don't have anyone yet. When I wanted to do solids in another post someone pm'd me... Bebe (maybe? I'm sure sure I deleted it) said wanted to be a part and then said never mind she wanted to be in yours instead. You might look at some of the other places you talked about this swap, because I remember she was the one asking if you would make it fat 1/8's instead of fat quarters.

Personally I looked over the 1930's fabrics at some of the stores I like to shop at and I only found one or maybe two fabrics that I liked... Yes, I know it's not in the spirit of a swap, that's why I was planning on doing it later with it's a different "subject". The $4.80 both ways didn't really bother me, because I've seen the wonderful piles you get for being part of a swap. And I'd rather have more fabric than less even if that means I have to buy more to share and pay more to ship it.

With all the swap talk when no one acted interested in my solids and marbled solids (Bali and Batik) I signed up for a Fabric of the month club (well DH did it for me). If only because I seriously have nothing and therefore if I don't have anything on hand I have to buy it every time I want to work on something.

There was a lot of talk of swapping lower quality fabrics like Joann's and Walmart and I tried to address that to, but still not even a nibble. The only other suggestion was a charmed swap, but I've got so many 3 1/2" squares right now I don't want to get my stuff for my current project mixed up with swap stuff, so I thought it was better to wait on that.
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