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Default July 2022 Colorado Sewing Machine Get-Together - Part 2


Earlier in the month Courtney sent this:

Dear All,

I mentioned my library quilts and have attached pictures. The first is my honorable mention called "Milk and Quakers." The second is my "Crayola 4X4X4." I made both of these on my Willcox and Gibbs, piecing, quilting and binding. They are about 19-20" square. The last is my "Pythagorean Proof" quilt.


The green square is inscribed in a larger square with four triangles. The red and orange squares are inside a larger square with four triangles. The large squares are the same size (each side is equal to the short leg plus the long leg of the triangles) so they have the same area. Since each large square has four of the original triangles whatever is left must be equal, thus the green square is equal to the red and orange squares.





to be continued...
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