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Default Quilt For a Dear Friend

This quilt kit was in Quilt Sampler 2022 Spring/Summer magazine. I made it for a dear friend of mine who is having a very rough go of it this summer. Thought she needed something cheerful. This is a long story made short. The middle of May she had a shoulder replacement, 3 weeks later she tripped over DSís dog and broke her arm - the arm the shoulder had been replaced. Went to emergency room (small one up north) and they put a cast on it. Saw her surgeon a couple of days later and he cut the cast off. It was on too tight, too high and she had an open wound from it that was infected close to the incision. Had to go to a rehab place. She had a pump on the wound pulling out infection for weeks and is still getting iv antibiotics twice a day. She had been in there almost two months. Pump is off and soon will be done with antibiotics and then can go home. Wonít be done with slings and braces for a while though.

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