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Ok, in photo 1, look at top right hand corner of photo. Sew together the two small 2 1/2" squares, finger press. Now add the orange 2 1/2" by 4 1/2" strip, and finger press. Now, all the other strips will be sewn on in this manner too, but first, the other strips need to be completed. Look at photo 2. (This is my way of doing easy triangles) Lay down a rectangular 2 1/2"strip, right side down, take a white 2 1/2 square, that has been ironed, corner to corner, into a triangle, and lay it down exactly on top of the end of the strip. Sew corner to corner, right on the fold, to make a perfect triangle. Lay down your ruler, as in the photo, and trim excess fabric. Flip triangle over, like in photo 3. Now, that all your strips have been created, these strips can be added to ytour block now too. Enjoy and good luck :)

PS These beautiful fabrics were a gift from CathyM to me, thank you Cathy, you are so very special, so i wanted to use your fabrics to showcase this pretty block :)
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