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Originally Posted by Katiequilts
Thanks for your help!!! I tried that last night and when I put a piece of fabric on each side it fused together so my best guess is that there is no paper. Is there anything I can substitute for the paper? I was thinking maybe everyone just knew to use a certain type of paper on it that I don't know about.
To use the rest of what you have (or any paperless kind in the future), you can use a silicon pressing sheet as one poster said, or buy a roll of parchment paper in the cooking section of the grocery store (or you may have some at home). Use this parchment paper as a protective cover between your iron and the webbing and/or between your ironing board and the catch any glue from the heated webbing. The parchment paper may adhere to the glue but it can be peeled off.

The fusible webbing that comes with paper is actually on parchment paper, tho it is a little thinner than the paper sold separately in the grocery store....and the paper is re-usable, If you want to reuse it, make sure there is no glue left sticking to the paper after a project.

I love the silicon sheets and have two or three, but they are a little expensive and the parchment paper is a lot cheaper. Even on the silicon sheets you have to make sure there is no glue bits left to mess up the next project.

Everybody makes these mistakes at some time or another...welcome to the club!
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