Here we are in Week 2!

This week we are going to use my Star Point Blocks.

My original method of piecing uses a 30 degree template. I then developed paper templates for those who would rather not have leftovers. So you can use either method. Star Point directions -paper templates

If you would rather use the 30 degree template than the paper templates just send me a pm. I think the paper templates are easier and suggest you look at them first. But I will be happy to send the 30 degree if you want.

You will still also need a 2 1/2" template so if you don't have one just let me know. Send me your postal address by pm! PLEASE dont' post it here!!

You will see the quilt block and then you will see the layout of the blocks. Pay attention to where the colors go and how the blocks are turned.

If you change the values of the colors or put them in differant places than I did it will change the look of the quilt block.

So I hope this is an enjoyable journey for you all! And of course there is no time limit.

Here is the Activity Page link.