1st Quilt Show Suggestions

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Default 1st Quilt Show Suggestions

I am very nervous about going to the Lancaster quilt show this weekend. I have never been to one before. I thought you all could give me good advice. I suffer with a really bad back & sciatica. I am going on a bus with my quilt guild. What should I take? Advice welcomed. Thanks!!
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Good, comfortable walking shoes, a large tote bag with pockets, comfortable clothing, a camera. A list if you want to see particular booths, products, people, shop booths. A small notebook to jot down booths, items that you may want to look into, check out later. So often I see postings from people who say ( I was at the show this weekend and saw this great display- but now I can’t remember who it was, or what the pattern was etc...)
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I see a lot of ladies with small fold up totes with wheels, sort of like a grocery/laundry cart. With a bad back you may not want to carry all the goodies you are sure to find at the show. Here's a link to what I'm trying to describe. Or if you have a small weekend suit case with wheels that would work also. It's much easier to pull a small case behind you than carry a dozen small bags even if they each only contain a yard of fabric, plus you can stash your purse in there also.

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Gone to several quilt shows over the years. Best thing I eventually learned was to take a headache tablet prior to getting out of the vehicle as the buzzing noise of a crowded room gives me headaches. I also carry a small purse just for essentials (money, Note phone, kleenex, pair of glasses, hard candy in case air is dry, and a snack bar) that hangs around my neck to keep my hands free; a pair of lightweight support shoes so my feet don't feel so heavy with all the walking and give support to my legs and back; support stockings as my ankles swell terribly when on my feet for hours; a lightweight sweater or jacket for cooler rooms and light enough to slip through the strap on the purse so nothing was in my hands in case it does get warmer (it will); and my DH. He carries all the packages, holds my jacket, tells me when we should stop for lunch, drives to and from the shows, lets me handle the budget. He waits in a chair along the wall so when I end up with a package, I can hand it to him once I go up the aisle and back down again. He's a trooper. Loves every minute of it. Especially when someone sits next to him that doesn't mind conversing. Take the time to stop and rest. Have a snack or light lunch. Enjoy it!
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I know the AQS show in Paducah does not allow wheeled carts. The one in Lancaster may be different, but since it's AQS, they may not allow them either. You may be able to arrange a wheel chair thru the venue to use. It might be worth checking out.
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I agree that quilt shows don't allow rolling carts/suitcases. It's a safety issue, since the people around you would be likely to trip over them. However if you are handicapped you can probably use a walker. Many of those have a seat and a place to store things. Check before you go to be sure it's allowed. Most shows have seats at the end of the aisles so tired shoppers can rest, but those seats are often full. Also check to see if you're allowed to bring in food or drinks. This year Road to California actually checked purses and bags on the way in to make sure you weren't bringing them in.
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I would suggest a small backpack instead of a purse so your hands are free shopping.
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some great advice given--besides taking some rest breaks, I'd suggest you take advantage of the bag check services--you can have them hold onto your purchases which will keep you have having to haul them around. Definitely do not take a big/heavy purse--just the essentials in a cross body wallet. Many shows won't let you bring in food because the convention centers they use require food vendors be through them--but do take a bottle of water. or if they won't allow that, then be sure to purchase a bottle and hang on to it and re-fill.
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I went to the Road to CA show and when they checked my bag - the water was okay but they questioned my granola bars. Told them I am diabetic and they said then it was fine. When my blood sugars drop it can be sudden so I always carry a granola type bar. The glucose tablets are a waste of time - so the breakfast bars or granola type work the best. They did not allow the little rolling carts which I can agree to - I have been to 2 quilt shows this year - Road to CA and another one in Phoenix (can't remember the name) and there were so many people it was hard to move.
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As much as I am dying to see the quilts at a quilt show, I have learned to visit all the vendors first. When I didn't do that, there was always something I wanted to buy that was sold out when I discovered it. Now I force myself to visit all the vendors first even at smaller local shows. Also, don't try to proceed around with a buddy if you can get around on your own. It's too crowded and inefficient to try to "travel" together. Plan to meet up at a certain place an time and do your own thing.
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