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Thread: Is that all?

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    If you are concerned about the environmental impact at all, the impact on the planet of manufacturing a car is worse than the difference from improved gas mileage for several years, especially when you consider that the old clunkers that can't pass the emissions test (Yours are surely a long way from that problem!) have a tendency to be shipped to Mexico where there are fewer regulations. Maybe they will replace worse gas hogs down there - hard to say. The break even point would be way down the road. Aside from that, the car payments will offset any savings in gas mileage for quite a long time, depending on what you buy. The gas mileage simply doesn't justify the change. If people want new cars for other reasons, they need to be honest with themselves about their reasons. It isn't to save money and it isn't to save the environment.
    "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

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    We have a Toyota Prius and got 50 to 52 miles per gallon when we took a vacation last week.

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    Lordy, hope DH doesn't apply this theory to my stash. I say at our age if it's not going to cause a hardship & we want it just buy it. Of course my thinking is colored by the fact I have 3 sisters widowed in their early fifty's.
    Quote Originally Posted by carrieg View Post
    NO! Not until you need to replace what you have. Going cheap, buying a $15000 replacement vehicle, if you could get a 35mpg car for that, it would take 11.5 years before you recouped the extra you spend based on your example.

    DH & I have gone over this a lot. That's why our newest vehicle is a 2008. Why go into debt for several thousand dollars to save <$2000 annually? That's based only on math. If you want to get into non-math reasons, like being green, get a bicycle. LOL

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    I got my first prius when I couldn't afford it but needed something that did not nickel and dime me to death. it was easy to drive and was good on the road. then, someone murdered it, literally. a neighbor girl, talking on a cell, hit it so hard it ended up in my next door neighbors yard and muddled the block for a while, they couldn't even get home. had to replace it with something driveable cause the prius was totaled. it took a while, and an estate being settled, but I now have my prius again. it is wonderful, over 40mpg average, comfortable, easy to drive, and I am like many here, it will be driven enough that maybe my grandson, now 8, might get it to drive when he is old enough. Toyotas have been the best cars for me, least expensive and able to drive forever with no repairs or work at all. I got the best I could for what I wanted to spend and am super happy that I did. yes, my insurance went up some, but not enough to worry about..... if you are looking, do a good job of looking and comparing what you want and need versus what you are willing to spend. you will be happy you did.

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    At 185,000 miles, our 15-year old Rav 4 still gets 32 MPG on trips. We now think our car will outlive us! Not trading it in for anything!

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    My husband does consider mpg when buying a vehicle but his #1 concern is always safety. Some of the less expensive vehicles that get the high mpg, are very unsafe. Many older vehicles don't have the airbags either. It's hard to pay out the $$ for a vehicle but it is easier than paying the medical bills or funeral expenses. Just my thoughts.......

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