Baby ok companion 7500

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Default Baby ok companion 7500

Hello there I just bought a baby lock companion 7500 for $5 yesterday. Ok I canít find manual, videos about this machine. Idk anything 🙁 please help!!! I do not know how to thread
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Baby locks usually thread the same unless you got a high tech machine. Go to their website. See if you can request a manual or
you can type in a search engine, "babylock sewing manual" and see what comes up. Do you know how old your machine is????
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That looks a regular machine but might have a special machine foot that turns it into a serger. I have one foot like that on one of my other machines.

Here you go:

I have done business with them before and they are great. I hope I can recommend them. They were fast and efficient.
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Me again..............I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!! I just went to the link I posted and they no longer carry that manual.
I did see that same machine for sale in letgo.

Have you considered taking it to your local dealer and have them show you how to thread it?
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I'm guessing that it looks like It looks like it may have a mother board in it and probably some plastic gears. It looks like the link that tiggersmom gave that the manual is no longer available. It also looks like the Babylock support site only has current model manuals. You could try calling, but I'm thinking that it is highly unlikely that they will have one available. You might try a retailer in your area (from the support site at the top).

I found a Necchi Logica that is similar to a Kenmore SensorSew. I had found instructions for the SensorSew, but there were some differences. I was able to get a manual from a previous distributor that only had an online presence, when I was looking for a manual and some bobbins. I was lucky as I tried to call a few months later and the number was no longer working.

If I had the machine in front of me, I could probably figure some of it out. At least how to thread and maybe a few stitches. I'm thinking the "M" and "C" may be for memory and clear, but it could mean something else. The large buttons that have arrows in the center probably are for navigating the LED screen. I believe the sliders below it are for stitch length and width. I'm thinking that the letters under the numbers are probably the feet that are used for that stitch.

I didn't see any hits when I searched for ebay listings for a manual for this machine, or even the machine. There are some other Companion machines, but enough differences that a manual specifically for your machine would be needed.

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