Bob Ross painting

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Default Bob Ross painting

Have any of you taken a class by one of their trained painting teachers?
when I’m blue I occasionally watch some of his old programs and it got me to wondering…we can all use some happy little trees I think
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I don’t have an artist bone in my body. So, no I’ve never taken a class. But, I absolutely loved his shows. "We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents."
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It's interesting that his shows are once again popular! I can't draw a stick figure with a ruler, so painting is not my thing. But I loved watching - and listening - to his shows. His voice was always so soothing.

Do you watch Jenny Doan (of Missouri Star) YouTube videos? Early this year, she did one with Let's Make Art. Like Bob Ross, they make it look so easy!
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I remember watching his show. He always made it look so easy.
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I drive past the exit (Muncie, Indiana) to the Bob Ross Museum when I go to visit my family in the Indianapolis area. One of these days, I really need to plan ahead so I have time to stop. My grandson, now age 10 loves to watch is old shows. I made him a pillow case of happy little clouds and the Bob Ross logo last year for Christmas. I made a happy little boy or more appropriately a little boy happy.
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just these responses make me happy It is his wet on wet technique that makes his brushwork techniques possible.
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It looks so easy the way he explains it. Mine would not turn out though - I’ve tried!
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My Grandkids, Micheal and Dawnette, which his old shows. Both are budding artists. Especially Dawnette she is getting pretty good. I recently found a couple of books for her to look over to broaden her horizons.
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One of our grandsons painted something following his show. It turned out looking very good.
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I’ve done one of his paintings and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. An interesting fact about his show: he partnered with a couple who helped get his name built up, but in the end they ended up pushing him out of the company. His own son can’t even use his dad’s name because of the legalities. It’s sad really.
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