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Thread: Bought my niece a Brother LS2350 because MIL said to.

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    I say go ahead and let her learn on the cheaper Brother--maybe it will last long enough to show her whether or not she wants to go somewhere with her sewing (or quilting); but do encourage her to be on the look-out for other machines--I have a friend who started out on a Brother and now owns the best Janome makes, top of the line, she bought it used from a friend of the family whose wife had died and he just couldn't face having her sewing stuff all around him. If she is a good "reading learner" just make sure she gets all the printed information that came with a used machine like that. It does my heart good to see a young person take an interest in sewing.....
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    Do what your heart tells you to do. It is not the price but the thought! In the future, I would keep them out of the mix.

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    All manufacturers make the same machine in 'good' 'better' and 'best' so the Brothers in Wal-Mart are not the same Brothers in Jo-Ann's usually. Knowing that I think I would have bought the next model up. If she really gets into sewing having a machine with limited options won't do her much good.
    Saying that... I did buy a Brother from Wal-mart when my old one die. The most expensive mechanical there as I sew little. Because it is all plastic it is loud and has little weight and sounds like I'm going through the floor with it as we have hardwood floors throughout. It does gets the job done but I would want a better machine if I sewed a lot.
    Linda Lee

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    Like others have suggested - take it out of the box and try it.

    It will probably seem very "puny" next to your new Bernina, BUT

    If the machine has a decent straight stitch and zigzag stitch and the tension behaves itself, she can make many things.

    Sometimes, simpler really is easier to learn on and operate.

    As far as the opened box goes, just tell your niece that you wanted to make sure that it worked properly before you were comfortable giving it to her.

    From your comments, wonder what MIL and SIL were planning to give her for the other sewing supplies?

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    Open it, try it and if it works OK it will be a good one to start sewing on. She can then decide what she wants. Sometimes learning to sew and learning a complicated machine at one time might turn her off. She can keep the WM one for spare if she decides she wants to sew alot.
    Your good to care about her and offer your help for her to learn, that will mean so much to her and you will get to spend tme with her while she is learns. Let us know how it turns out.

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    I love my brother sewing machines. I have 3 of them. Customer service is great if you have any issues. This will be a great starting machine and if she wants to buy a bigger and better one later then you can help her pick one of those out. Remember its not the price its the thought of the gift.

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    You are a very kind and generous person - I know this. You sent me a kit last year when I was needing something to sew on.....and even was generous enough to tell me to let you know when I wanted another one!
    I hate the idea that you feel bad about something you are doing for someone. Does the niece know that she is getting a machine? If she does, ask her if she would rather have a NEW inexpensive machine to start on - or if she would rather that same money go for a used, better machine. Let her choose. If she doesn't know she's getting it, wait until after Christmas, and ask her. Let her know that you had a certain amount set aside for her gift, but you couldn't decide what she would rather have - new or better. You could explain to her the differences in functionality and durability of the older machines versus the newer ones. If she chooses used, take it back and let her help you find her a good used machine.
    Just, please don't feel bad about doing something so kind for someone.
    Carol B
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    Since the MIL and SIL don't want to go in on the cost of the machine I would buy her the one that you think is best and make sure she knows it's from you. You can tell her that you want to make sure she has a proper sewing machine to learn on, and you would love to teach her how to sew and work on the machine. I made the mistake of buying a cheap machine when I started quilting, and got so frustrated and fed up with the machine I didn't want to quilt anymore. Then my husband bought me my Bernina and I was a happy sewer again.

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    Your MIL sounds crabby! Don't let her take your joy out of giving a gift!
    Blessed Be

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